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Healthy Plate Can Be Delicious Too

Low Sodium and Well-balanced Diet for a Healthier Lifestyle

Kuala Lumpur, 13 April – “Healthy food doesn’t taste delicious” is a cliché that most people believe. Well, we often hear people saying how taste is associated to the food we consume, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle means you have to get rid of delicious food which is generally perceived as unhealthy. As a response to such warning, you might have stopped taking your favourite tasty food to practice clean but boring diet. No way! In fact there is a way to continue consuming healthy food without compromising to its heavenly taste.To passing down the secret of deliciousness as what Ajinomoto Group is expert in and as a strategy to improve Malaysian eating habits that do not place high importance on the intake of fruits and vegetables, Ajinomoto (Malaysia) Berhad had joint force to expedite the ‘Healthy Plate Campaign’ launched by the Ministry of Health since December 2016, for this year’s school educational project themed “Delicious Healthy Living”.

With the hope to further promote Umami application that makes food delicious yet contains low sodium, and at the same time encourages more vegetables intake for a well-balanced diet, the Company has actively educated Malaysia’s young generation through a 2½-month school educational project held from February to April, 2018.

The lively, interactive and fun-filled experiential school educational project took place in Penang state this year, during of which, students were given a chance to learn the concept of healthy plate, origin of Umami and its discovery as the 5th basic taste after sourness, sweetness, bitterness, and saltiness as well as its contribution in maintaining healthy living. Other than information sharing, an on-the-spot, hands-on healthy cooking demonstration by selected students was also conducted in each learning event, revolved around the importance of well-balanced diet to encourage sufficient vegetable intake among the young key opinion leaders. After the cooking demonstration, involved students were required to apply the concept of “Healthy Plate” that they had learnt earlier by showing the right portion of food in a given plate.

Over the years, Ajinomoto (Malaysia) Berhad proactively promotes healthy diet in public through the enjoyment of deliciousness, as good health starts from the food we take. The project for this round has managed to educate total 14,000 of students throughout 70 events. By gaining proper healthy diet tips, these students would know the secret behind maintaining their body’s everyday functions. With that in mind, achieving a balanced body weight and a healthy lifestyle would become possible for all young Malaysians.

For more information, please contact Mr. Meor Azwin / Ms. Cindy Chan at +60-3-7980 6958(Ext 392 / 439) or /

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