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Popcorn Chicken

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Serving Suggestion: 4 – 5 pax

1 kg                                                   Chicken Breast (cut into cube)
4                                                         Egg (whisked)
1 cup                                                Unsalted Butter
Enough                                           Cooking Oil (for frying)

Ingredients A: for marinating
4 cloves                                       Garlic (blended)
1 tsp                                              AJI-NO-MOTO®
1½ tsp                                          Salt
½ tsp                                             Paprika

Ingredient B: for coating
5 cups                                           Corn Flakes, blended
1 cup                                             Wheat Flour
1 cup                                             Corn Flour
½ tsp                                             AJI-SHIO® Flavoured Pepper

1. Marinate chicken with ingredients (A) for 30 minutes.
2. Mix ingredients (B) in another container, add in marinated chicken and mix well.
4. Add in the chicken into the egg and mix well.
5. Coat the chicken with ingredients B evenly again.
6. Heat up oil and butter.
7. Fried the chicken until golden brown.

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