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Authentic Kampung Fried Rice

Egg Toast

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Serving Suggestion: 4 – 5 pax

½ cup                                          Cooking Oil
30 g                                             Anchovy
200 g                                          Chicken Meat, cut into small pieces
100 g                                          Water Spinach, cut into 3cm
2                                                    Eggs
3 ½ cups / 550 g                   White Rice
1 packet                                    SERI-AJI® Kampung Fried Rice Seasoning 26g

1. Heat cooking oil.
2. Fry the anchovy until crispy. Put aside.
3. With same oil, sauté meat, vegetable and eggs.
4. Add rice and sprinkle 1 packet of SERI-AJI® Kampung Fried Rice Seasoning 26g.
5. Pour in fried anchovy.
6. Stir-fry until even. Serve hot.

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