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Cantonese Beef Noodles

4 tbsp Oil
1 tsp Sesame oil
1 tsp Chopped Garlic
1 tbsp Light soy sauce
½ tsp Dark soy sauce
500 g Kuey teow
50 g Young ginger, sliced
1 tsp Corn flour, mixed with 1 tbsp water
1 Egg, beaten
To taste Salt
Ingredients A: marinade for 10 minutes
250 g Beef fillet, thinly sliced
1 tsp Soy sauce
½ tsp AJI SHIO® Flavoured Pepper
1 tsp Corn flour
Ingredients B: mixed together to make stock
1 tbsp TUMIX® Chicken Stock Seasoning
¼ tsp AJI-SHIO® Flavoured Pepper
500 ml Water
½ tsp Sugar
1 tbsp Soya sauce
1 tbsp Oyster sauce
Ingredients C:
50 g Sweet beans
2 – 3 pcs Black mushrooms, sliced
50 g Carrot, cut into flowerets
1 sprig Spring onion, cut 2 cm length
  1. Heat wok till hot, add in 2 tbsp oil and sesame oil. Stir-fry quickly chopped garlic with soy sauce, dark soy sauce and kuey teow. Remove from wok.
  2. Scald the marinated beef(A) quickly and remove aside.
  3. With 2 tbsp oil, sauté ginger and add ingredients(B). Allow to simmer.
  4. Add in ingredients(C) and corn flour for thickening. Stir in egg and lastly scalded beef.
  5. Pour the ready beef gravy onto fried kuey teow and serve immediately.

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