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Serving suggestion: 8-12 pax

1 cup                                          Cooking oil
2 sticks                                     Cinnamon
6                                                   Star anise
6                                                   Cardamom pods
8                                                   Clove
14 tbsp                                     Curry powder, mixed with some water
1.6 kg                                         Chicken meat, cut into small pieces
4                                                   Potatoes, medium size, cut into pieces
4 cup                                          Water
2                                                   Tamarind slice
2 cup                                          Coconut cream
4 strings                                   Curry leaves
4 tbsp                                        TUMIX® Chicken Stock

Ingredients A: blended
2                                                   Onion
6 clove                                      Garlic
1 inch                                        Ginger
200 ml                                      Water

1. Heat the cooking oil.
2. Saute cinnamon, star anise, cardamom pods and clove.
3. Add in ingredients (A) together with curry paste and fry until oil separated.
4. Add in the chicken, potatoes and mix well. Let it simmer until the chicken is half cooked.
5. Add in water, tamarind slice, coconut milk and curry leaves. Simmer until oil separated.
6. Season with TUMIX® Chicken Stock. Mix well.
7. Ready to serve.

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