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3 tbsp
½ cup
½ tbsp
150 g
100 g
80 g
1 tbsp
1 sachet
Cooking oil
Grated white coconut
TUMIX® Anchovies Stock Seasoning
Young jackfruit, boild till tender and sliced
Bean sprout, remove tail and blanched
Cabbage, cut and blanched
Lime juice
Pal Sweet® Low Calorie Sweetener

Ingredients A: finely blended

1 No.
2 No.
1 No.
1 clove
½ tsp
1 pcs
2 cm
2 cm
2 cm
Red chilli
Red bird’s eye chili
Coriander seeds
Candlenut (Buah keras)
Star gooseberry leaves (Daun cekur manis)

1. Heat up the oil, stir fry the blended ingredient (A) grated coconut till dry.
2. Seasoning with TUMIX® Anchovies Stock Seasoning, stir well.
3. Mix the coconut mixture, jackfruit, bean sprout, cabbage, lime juice & Pal Sweet® Low Calorie Sweetener evenly
4. Ready to be served

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