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Black Pepper Beef

Product Used for the Recipe
Seri-Aji® Black Pepper Seasoning
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Recipe Description

Black Pepper Beef

Serving Suggestion

Serving suggestion: 4-5 pax

2 tbsp Cooking oil
500 g Beef, boiled and thinly sliced
1 packet SERI-AJI® Black Pepper Seasoning
½ cup Beef stock
½ Green capsicum, cut
½ Red capsicum, cut
½ Yellow onion, thickly sliced
1 stalk Spring onion, diced
1. Heat cooking oil, fry the beef until crispy at the side.
2. Stir SERI-AJI® Black Pepper Seasoning with beef stock in a bowl. Pour into the wok, let it boil.
3. Add in capsicums and yellow onion, mix well.
4. Sprinkle spring onion and ready to serve.
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