Butter Prawn Fried Rice

Butter Prawn Fried Rice
20 minutes
5 Servings
Recipe Description

Easy Fried Rice recipe and simple to cook by using Seri-Aji® Yangchow Fried Rice seasoning. This Fried Rice is also different from others because the shrimp is sautéed with butter and wrapped with eggs like Pattaya Fried Rice. It makes the Butter Prawn Fried Rice tastes delicious and filling.

150 gm Butter
½ no Red chili, thinly sliced
200 gm Prawn, skin removed, cleaned, cut into cube
2 no Egg
550 gm White rice
1 packet SERI-AJI® Perencah Nasi Goreng Cina 26g
150 gm Young kailan, cleaned, sliced

Egg Wrap

5 no Egg, beaten
  1. Melt butter in a wok, sauté chili.
  2. Add prawns, stir-fry until almost cooked and add the eggs, let them half cooked and stir well.
  3. Add rice and SERI-AJI® Perencah Nasi Goreng Cina 26g. Stir-fry until well-mixed.
  4. Add in young kailan, stir-fry until young kailan is wilted and well-mixed.

Egg Wrap (for 5 pax)

  1. Heat the oil in a non-stick pan and pour in egg, pan-fry until both sides of the eggs are cooked through and browned. Set it aside.
  2. Spoon fried rice into a bowl, put it on top of the fried egg, and wrap it like nasi lemak style. Ready to be served.
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