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Lou Sheng

Product Used for the Recipe
Pal Sweet®
Ajinomoto Malaysia
Recipe Description

Chinese New Year Recipes!

Serving Suggestion


(5-6 serving)


1 Red apple
1 Green apple
1 slice Rock melon
1 slice Honey dew
1 Mango
1 medium Red carrot
1 Golden pear
Some Pamelo
1 Mandarin orange
Ingredients A: sauce
4 tbsp Unsweetened apricot sauce
4 tbsp Lemon juice
4 tbsp Olive oil
4 sachets Pal Sweet® Low-Calorie Sweetener
  1. Cut all the fruits into julienne except pamelo and mandarin orange.
  2. Arrange all the fruits onto a plate.
  3. Combine ingredients (A) to form the sauce.
  4. Pour the sauce onto the fruits and vegetable, mix well and ready to serve.

Tips: May add peanuts and sesame seeds for more deliciousness.

Ajinomoto Product