Mixed Vegetable Salad with Homemade Sauce

Mixed Vegetable Salad with Homemade Sauce
Recipe Description

Mixed Vegetable Salad with Homemade Sauce recipe gives a delicious flavor and it's easy and quick to prepare. Ideal as an appetizer!


Ingredients: vegetables (cut into small pieces)

100 g Lettuce
100 g Purple cabbage
100 g Cabbage
100 g Cherry tomato
100 g Cucumber
100 g Yellow capsicum

Ingredients A: salad sauce

100 g Fresh milk (cold)
3 tbsp Milk powder or soya powder
1 tsp Salt
5 sachets Pal Sweet® Low-Calorie Sweetener
240 g Corn oil or sunflower oil (cold)
80 g Lemon juice (cold)
  1. To prepare salad sauce, blend all ingredients (A) except oil and lemon juice in a blender. Slowly pour in cold oil.
  2. Finally add in lemon juice, stir well to form salad sauce.
  3. Mix vegetables with salad sauce, serve cold.
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