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Prawn Rolls

Product Used for the Recipe
AJI-SHIO® Flavoured Pepper Pal Sweet® Seri-Aji® Seasoned Flour (Original)
Ajinomoto Malaysia
Recipe Description

Prawn Rolls

250 g Prawns, cut to 0.5 cm length or sliced
3 tbsp SERI-AJI® Seasoned Flour for Deep Frying
2 tbsp Oil
Enough Salt
30 g Glass noodle
Enough Lettuce
100 g Rice paper wrappers, width 16 cm
20 pcs Mint leaves, finely chopped
10 stalks Chives, finely chopped
Ingredients A: sauce
2/3 cups Drinking water
3-4 tbsp Vinegar
2 Red chilli, finely chopped
4 tbsp Roasted peanut, chopped
3 tbsp Lemon juice
Enough AJI-SHIO® Flavoured Pepper
Enough Salt
2-3 packets Pal Sweet® Low-Calorie Sweetener
1. Mix prawns with SERI-AJI® Seasoned Flour For Deep Frying. Set aside.
2. Heat up oil, fry prawns till cooked. Put in salt to taste. Remove from heat and leave to cool.
3. Soak glass noodle in hot water for 5 minutes. Drain and cut short.
4. Dip each rice paper wrapper in water until soft. Lay wrapper on plate.
5. Place a slice of lettuce on the rice paper wrapper. Put 1 tbsp of glass noodle, mint leaves, chives and prawn mixture onto rice paper wrapper. Roll neatly.
6. Arrange the rolls in closed container to avoid drying.
7. To prepare the sauce, combine all sauce ingredients (A). Mix evenly.
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