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Steamed Stuffed Chicken Wings

6 pieces Chicken wings
2 Dried Chinese mushrooms, soaked and sliced thinly
60 g Carrot, cut into matchstick strips
2 stalks Spring onion, cut into sections
Some Siu pak choy, blanched for garnishing
Ingredients A: seasonings
¼ tsp Salt
1 tsp Light soy sauce
1 tsp Sesame oil
1 tbsp Corn flour
Ingredients B: seasonings
¼ tsp Salt
½ tsp AJI-SHIO® Flavoured Pepper
¼ tsp Sugar
½ tsp TUMIX® Chicken Stock Seasoning
½ tsp Sesame oil
Ingredients C: fillings
60 g Minced chicken meat
60 g Minced prawn meat
100 g Fish paste
1 Water chestnuts, minced
1 tsp Minced red chili
  1. Cut off chicken wing tip. Remove the bone. Marinate with seasonings (A) for at least 10 minutes.
  2. Combine seasonings (B) with fillings (C). Stir well to mix.
  3. Spoon some fillings into the prepared chicken wings. Stuff a piece of mushroom, carrot and spring onion into the filled portion. Arrange each stuffed chicken wing on a heatproof plate.
  4. Steam in pre-heated steamer over high heat for 12 – 15 minutes or till cooked. Remove and serve at once with garnishing.

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