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X’Citing Honey Prawns

Product Used for the Recipe
Seri-Aji® Black Pepper Seasoning TUMIX® Chicken Stock
Ajinomoto Malaysia
Recipe Description

Prawn lovers out there, hear our callings. Crispy shell, fresh flesh savoured in sweet sauce with a little spicy, and tasty like never before. It is got to be the X’citing Honey Prawns made of secret recipe by adding SERI AJI® Black Pepper Seasoning.

350 g Prawns with shells intact
1 stalk Spring onion, cut into sections
50 g Red capsicum, cubed
1 Onion, cubed
3 tbsp Tapioca flour
1 tsp Sesame oil
Marinade A:
½ tsp SERI AJI® Black Pepper Seasoning
Dash of Salt
Seasonings B: combined
2½ tbsp Honey
2 tbsp Water
1 tbsp Light soy sauce
1 tsp TUMIX® Chicken Stock Seasoning
1. Season prawns with marinade (A) and put aside.
2. Next, coat prawns with tapioca flour. Deep-fry until crispy then dish out and put aside. Add onion and capsicum into hot oil for just a few seconds. Dish out.
3. Leave 1 tbsp oil in the wok, add sesame oil and seasonings (B). Cook until bubbles appear.
4. Put the prawns, onion and capsicum into the honey sauce. Stir-fry over high heat until the sauce is thick.
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