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Product Description

AJI•MIX™ is a specially blended seasoning made of garlic & onion, it has aromatic aroma which able enhance the flavours of your dishes instantly.

AJI•MIX™ helps to enhance the meaty taste, enrich overall food taste and well balanced taste to your dishes. It is ideal for cooking, seasoning and topping sauce. It is easy to use and convenient. It is widely used by catering outlets and hawkers.


It is suitable for vegetarians who consume garlic and onion

Under the Malaysian Food Act 1983, it is not mandatory for our product to state the nutrition facts on the package label. The nutrition criteria that are required to be stated are Carbohydrate, Protein, Energy and Fat. Sodium is not a compulsory requirement.

It is only sold through internal salespersons.

AJI•MIX™ is a specially blended seasoning made of garlic, onion and other ingredients. It is able to instantly enhance the richness, meatiness and well-balanced taste of food.

AJI-NO-MOTO®, AJI-NO-MOTO® PLUS and AJI•MIX™ can be used in all types of dishes either before (during marination) or during cooking.