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Rasa Sifu™

Product Description

Rasa Sifu™ is an All-In-One Seasoning which enriched with Aroma “Wok” and Oyster Sweetness. It contains the perfect proportion of basic seasoning, oyster sauce, well-sautéed garlic and onion as well as special ingredients which provide “wok taste” that makes your cooking extra delicious. It is suitable for stir-fried dishes and others. 

Packaging Size

  • Packet 20g
  • Packet 100g
  • Packet 300g




TVC & Informational Videos

Raikan Rasa Enak "WOK"

Product Application

Add in 1 tablespoon (10g) for 500g ingredients or 4-5 serving sizes.


This product is animal-free and suitable for vegetarians. However, it contains well-sautéed garlic and onions. Suitability to vegetarians is subject to the individual’s preferences. The picture is only used for illustration purposes and the product does not contain chicken.