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Product Description

SERI-AJI® is a menu specific seasoning that helps you to prepare delicious home cooked dishes in a quick and easy way at home.

It is complete mix from variety of high quality ingredients and seasoning to gives you complete and delicious taste to your dishes. So you can prepare dishes easily by just adding it into your dish which also helps you to save time; moreover, satisfying your family taste bud. It also can be use to prepare others menu. It is also oil free which is cleaner to prepare if compared to paste-based seasoning.

Check out to the range of product available now.


SERI-AJI® Range of Products

Made of real chilli padi and anchovy to give you the most authentic & delicious Malaysian style of Nasi Goreng Kampung.

It is suitable for beef, chicken and seafood.

Prepare delicious restaurant style of jot wok grilled Nasi Goreng Cina by fried onion flakes and roasted chicken taste. Aromatic & Yummy!

With it’s unique recipe, give you new experience of tasty chicken fried rice a home. Definitely a good choice for your whole family members.

Mix from selected real anchovy powder to gives you mild spicy & delicious anchovy flavour fried rice.

Bored of the usual deep fried dishes taste by just using turmeric? Try out the SERI-AJI® Multipurpose Seasoning  for different style of deep fried dishes at home. It contains selected and traditional spices which provide mild spiciness & well balance taste to your deep fried chicken/fish. Other than deep fry dishes, it also suits for stir fry seafood.

A ready- to-cook seasoning powder for a quick and easy way to prepare a restaurant style black pepper dish with the special exotic blend of Sarawak pepper and selected herbs which gives you the real and mouthful of hotness of black pepper taste.
It is suitable for beef, chicken and seafood.

A ready-to-cook seasoning powder for a quick and easy way to prepare a delicious home-cooked style of Masak Merah with a distinctive recipe which contains complete mix of spices and also rich in tomato taste.
It is suitable for chicken, fish (Ikan Kembong, Ikan Tenggeri) and seafood.

SERI-AJI® Seasoned Flour is ready-to-use seasoned flour which let you to prepare delicious and crispy deep fry dishes for your family. It is made of selected flour and spices to gives you the best taste and best crispiness. You only have to rub the seasoning on the material & fry it.

Other than fry chicken, it is suitable for deep fried dishes such as fried fish, meat, vegetable, seafood and tempe.

Available in 2 flavours, original and spicy flavour.

SERI-AJI® Tom Yam Seasoning is a complete mix from variety of ingredients to prepare your Tom Yam dishes. It is easy to use for preparing delicious Tom Yam menu as it is complete!
It is suitable to prepare for all types Tom Yam dishes such as Tom Yam sup, fried rice and stir fried too.