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Shakshuka in Masak Merah Sauce

¼ cup                                          Oil
½ big                                           White onion, cubed
½ medium                               Red capsicum, cubed
½ medium                               Green capsicum, cubed
1                                                   Tomato, cubed
½ can                                          Canned chopped tomatoes
½ tbsp                                        Tomato puree
To taste                                      AJI-SHIO® Flavoured Black Pepper
2 tbsp                                          SERI-AJI® Masak Merah Seasoning
70 g                                              Sliced button mushrooms
1 tsp                                             Chilli flakes
Some                                            Water
To taste                                       Salt
1 tbsp                                           Sugar (optional)
5                                                      Egg
50 g                                               Grated cheddar cheese
Some                                            Coriander leaves

1. Heat oil in a wok, sauté white onions until transparent.
2. Add in capsicums, tomato, canned tomatoes and tomato puree. Fry for 2 minutes.
3. Add in the AJI-SHIO® Flavoured Black Pepper, SERI-AJI® Masak Merah Seasoning, and button mushrooms, stir well.
4. Add in the chilli flakes and water. Taste for salt and sugar.
5. Break the eggs one by one into the wok. Let it over the lower heat.
6. Sprinkle the cheese on top, cover and cook for 5 minutes or until the eggs are set.
7. Gently dish out in a bowl and garnish with the coriander leaves.

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