Reducing Food Waste to Improve Food Security and Sustainability

food security

By 2050, our global population is projected to reach approximately 9 billion individuals, intensifying the urgency of the matter. The evolving climate and shifting patterns of resource utilisation have complicated the task of nourishing and maintaining the health of the entire populace.


What is Food Security?

Food security encompasses the notion of 'ensuring that all individuals have consistent access to sufficient food for maintaining an active and healthy life. This concept surpasses hunger, encompassing not only the physical presence of food but also the capability to attain it.

It's pivotal to recognise that while hunger can result from food insecurity, not all individuals facing food insecurity experience hunger. Both hunger and food insecurity are critical predicaments that carry profound repercussions for individuals, families, and communities alike. 


Addressing Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is potentially on the rise in Malaysia, necessitating proactive measures to alleviate its impacts. Here are several actionable strategies that can contribute significantly.

  • Strengthen the Food Supply Chain: Malaysia's food supply chain is susceptible to disruptions stemming from factors like natural disasters. To fortify this vital network, we could invest in critical infrastructure in advanced to ensure a steady and dependable flow of sustenance.
  • Reduce Food Waste: The issue of food waste looms large in Malaysia, with an alarming estimate that up to 40% of the country's food production goes to waste. We could be curtailing this wastage by educating consumers about proper food storage and preparation techniques. 
  • Promote Sustainable Diets: Raising awareness among consumers about the ecological ramifications of their dietary choices. This could involve providing subsidies for wholesome foods like fruits and vegetables and encouraging healthier eating patterns that contribute to a more sustainable future for all.


Ajinomoto Malaysia Contribute in Food Productivity and Natural Resources Saving

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Ajinomoto Malaysia Berhad (AMB) is leading the charge by leveraging advanced technology to revolutionise food production to pursue a more world food security in future. AMB is taking initiative in contributing to reduce the impact to the environment and provision of sustainable food supply by effectively utilizing natural resources.

Our specialty ingredient solution able to partially replace the natural resources (chili, garlic, onion, chicken, beef & etc) while maintaining the product quality and achieve cost effectiveness that with minimum impact to the social living.

Acknowledging technology's pivotal role in addressing global food security challenges, AMB’s food security initiative is a testament to our dedication to elevating food productivity and consumption via cutting-edge technology and we take initiative strives to amplify the availability of top-tier food items through process optimisation, streamlined production, and waste reduction.

By harnessing advanced technology, AMB exemplifies how innovation, resourcefulness, and unwavering sustainability commitments can avert a future marked by food insecurity. 

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