Spreading Sahur Love: Seri-Aji® 2024 Hits PPRs with Joyful Events


Spreading Sahur Love: Seri-Aji® 2024 Hits PPRs with  Joyful Events


KUALA LUMPUR, 3RD MARCH 2024 - The aroma of Seri-Aji® spreads across Malaysia as Ajinomoto
Malaysia Berhad unveils its groundbreaking campaign, "Bersahur Bersama Seri-Aji® 2024," aimed at
revolutionize Sahur preparations into quick, easy, and delicious experiences for families during the
holy month of Ramadan.

The campaign emphasizes promoting the importance of Sahur during Ramadan and fostering
community engagement. Its objectives include encouraging well-balanced meals, promoting the
quick and easy Sahur concept, and emphasizing the enjoyment of Sahur with family.

In line with the campaign objective, we have planned PPR distribution events which will be held from
2nd March to 28th of March. We will be distributing goodies bags including Seri-Aji® products in 20
different PPR locations across Klang Valley and estimated to benefit 25,000 households. We hope
that through this initiative, we can enhance the well-being of families by reminding them of the
significance of Sahur and providing access to well-balanced and convenient meal options.

Additionally, we will be hosting special on-ground events at two selected locations on 2nd March and
3rd March at PPR Seri Alam Fasa 2 and PPR Lembah Subang 2. These events will feature live cooking
demonstrations, on-the-spot cooking, distribution of fried rice, games, sand art sessions, and lucky

Spreading Sahur Love: Seri-Aji® 2024 Hits PPRs with  Joyful Events

Bersahur Bersama Seri-Aji® 2024 is also running a Buy & Win contest from 14th February to 9th
April 2024, offering participants the chance to win exciting prizes worth up to RM20,000.
Prizes include grand prizes of 5g Gold Bars for five lucky winners, along with weekly prizes of TnG e-
Wallet worth RM11,000 in total. Entry is simple, just purchase RM6 worth of Seri-Aji® products and
join. Visit smartcooking.com.my for more information.

Join us on this flavourful journey as we endeavor to make Sahur preparations a breeze for families
nationwide. With Seri-Aji®, it's not just about convenience – it's about creating memorable moments
around the dining table. “Konfem Senang, Konfem Sedap” with Seri-Aji®! Selamat Berpuasa!

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