Umami Club Monthly Contest (Jan–Mar 2022)

Jan 12th, 2022 - Mar 31st, 2022

A new year and a new adventure! It is always a good idea to give your brain a little challenge. Guess the puzzle of Active Individual recipe pictures & stand a chance to win prizes.


Exclusive Food Processor 250ML & A packet of Rasa Sifu™ (20g) All In One Seasoning x 50

*50 sets of prizes will be given away to the lucky winners every month!

How to Win

Step 1

Be an Umami Club member at here

Step 2

Guess all the Active Individual dishes in the puzzle

Step 3

Visit here and copy your favourite recipe URL link on the contest form

Winner List

Umami Club Monthly Contest
Umami Club Monthly Contest
Umami Club Monthly Contest