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Fruity and Nutty Kesari

Product Used for the Recipe
Pal Sweet®
Ajinomoto Malaysia
Recipe Description

Kesari has been a tantalising Indian favoured by many. Highly presentable on the tea table to pamper your guest, kesari comes in colourful appearance with fruits as ingredient. Try this out at home, make the best kesari on your own.

½ cup Semolina (Sooji)
½ cup Sugar
2 sachet Pal Sweet® Low-Calorie Sweetener
3-4 tbsp Melted ghee
1½ cups Water
Some Kesari colouring
1 tbsp Evaporated Milk
1 tbsp Cashew nuts, chopped
1 tbsp Almonds
1 tsp Raisin
1 tsp Red cherries
1 tsp Green cherries
1. Heat ghee and fry cashews & almond till golden brown, set aside. In the same pan, roast the semolina in low flame until nice aroma comes. When it starts to change colour, turn off the heat and transfer it to a plate.
2. Add water to the pan and allow it to boil. When it starts bubbling, add colouring and the sugar and stir till dissolved. Now add the semolina little by little, stir continuously over a medium fire – this is the stage where you have to be very careful; tak
3. Once the semolina is cooked, add the sugar. Now it will start to loosen, keep stirring. It will start to bubble up when it becomes dry. Don’t worry, keep stirring.
4. Add ghee and keep stirring till it forms a mass leaving the sides of the pan. Add evaporated milk, cashew nut, almond, raisins, and cherries, give a quick stir and turn off the heat. Bring in Pal Sweet® Low-Calorie Sweetener.
5. If you want to make Kesari pieces, transfer mixture to a ghee greased plate and cut into pieces. Or take a spoonful into a small container.
6. While serving, you can add a tsp of ghee for the extra flavour and shine too.
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