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Sundanese Sour Vegetable

Sundanese Sour Vegetable

1500 ml Water
3 cm Galangal, crushed
2 pcs Fresh Indonesian bay leaf (Daun salam)
1 cob Corn, cut into small pieces
4 tbsp Peanut, soak for 2 hours
3 pcs Long bean, cut into 3 cm
1 pcs Chayote (Labu siam), peeled & diced
1 cup Star gooseberry leaves (Daun cekur manis)
2 tbsp TUMIX® Anchovies Stock Seasoning
2 tbsp Tamarind paste
1 sachet Pal Sweet® Low Calorie Sweetener
Ingredients A: finely blended
2 cm Belacan, roasted
6 No. Onion
3 cloves Ginger
3 No. Red chilli

1. In a pot, put it water, galangal, Indonesian bay leaf, corn, peanut and ingredient (A), let it boil
2. When it’s boiling, lower down the fire and simmer till the peanut is tender
3. Put in the long bean, chayote & star gooseberry leaves.
4. Put in TUMIX® Anchovies Stock Seasoning and tamarind paste
5. When the vegetable is tender, switch off the fire and add in Pal Sweet® Low Calorie Sweetener
6. Ready to be served

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